Home Design 101: Green Balcony Makeovers For You

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Ask people what their favourite corner of the house is and you’ll get a lot of different answers. But despite all these differing opinions, nothing can challenge the sanctity of your relationship with your balcony. Be it your bed or that cozy reading nook you’re in love with, nothing offers the space to sit, sip a cup of your favourite brew and ponder over your situation in life like a balcony.

While a bare balcony will also do this for you (being the selfless friend it is), the peace offered by a green balcony is on an entirely different, unmatched level.

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With shrinking spaces in the city, it is very important to create a space or spaces within the home that one can step into to relieve stress. Ranjani our landscape architect has created welcoming spaces in peoples’ homes – be it their balconies, terraces, porches and even interiors by applying simple landscape design principles, working on each different layer, starting from the flooring and moving onto the walls and ceilings, and accessorising with plants and contemporary woodwork. These spaces are great for not just relieving stress, but also for entertaining and hosting other events.

The most difficult part in giving a balcony a makeover is convincing people to visualise the transformation. While most people have seen and lived in beautiful home interiors, very few have actually enjoyed a good exterior set up. Thankfully, with increasing global travel, aspirations to possess a home with a planned and curated exterior (balcony, garden, terrace etc) have also increased. Still, most people expect to achieve total transformation (of their exterior spaces) in very low budgets. It is very challenging to make them understand that the cost of materials and man hours is sometimes even higher than interior design work.

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On asking her what is her favourite design, she says – “It is difficult to pinpoint a particular design – I have loved all my work because a lot of hard work has gone into finishing each project. I think working with smaller spaces like apartment balconies is more challenging because you have very little to play around with. But my best and most interesting work has been transforming these balconies with created interesting wall features and working with more vertical space than ground space.”

When it comes to tips that can help spice up your rooftop or balcony, Ranjani likes to keep it simple – lots and lots of plants and greenery in different shapes & sizes, supported by earthen pots, bronze statues, cool woodwork and more. After all, if you’re investing time and money in a green balcony makeover, why not do it the right way? As you can see, Ranjani’s designs are very green, serene and seem like the perfect places to reflect upon the important things. Here are some more glimpses from her work so far:

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if you’re looking for a way to utilise vertical as well as horizontal space to create a quiet thinking corner for yourself, here are some tips that can help you get started:

  • Decorate your balcony and veranda with flowering plants and herbs in hanging baskets (you can choose from many designs and different makes).
  • Bring in some bamboo shades. Sprinkle water on them in the summer and enjoy a sweet, cool breeze when the air hits the bamboo.
  • If you have a spacious veranda or roof at your disposal, put in a wooden shed or a small shaded area to retreat in, during the harshest days of summer.
  • Add in bronze idols, statues or earthen pots to complete your very own green paradise. Think it might be time to consider giving a makeover to your balcony or roof? Give it a try. If you need expert advice, we’re always here for you!
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