12 Tips To Design Your Living Room

If you like sleek, modern designs with textural elements and clean lines, then you could describe your style as contemporary (especially if you like following the latest trends in decorating). And if you’re looking for inspiration to design a contemporary living room, you’ve reached the right place.

Our expert designers have taken “contemporary” and broken it down into several smaller elements to make it simpler. Here are 12 of their chic ideas that will inspire you to decorate your living room in a contemporary style.

1. Reduce Clutter

Less is more. Contemporary doesn’t mean cold or minimalist; it just means warm, chic and personalized. So, the key is to simplify your styling and elevate your décor to be subtly sophisticated.

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Negative space (the bare space you leave between furniture, picture frames, etc.) is welcome, and so is giving importance to your personal treasures – hitting a balance is critical here.

2. Strong Visible Lines

Strong lines – be it vertical or horizontal or curved shapes – are a characteristic feature of contemporary living rooms. You can use lines in structural details, and geometric shapes in décor accents. You can also execute it by colour-blocking some of your walls or furnishings.

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12 tips to design your living room 12

3. Furniture

Pick furniture pieces that are bold and simple at the same time. For instance, pick a smooth curved chesterfield sofa in any colour – navy blue, beige or even red colour, rather than an ornately carved rosewood one – that’s one way to switch to contemporary. Use this bold piece against a light background.

Use space-saving furniture and ones that have plenty of inbuilt storage as well. The coffee table set below is a great space-saver.

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4. Accents

Hang monochrome large-scale art, or bolder ones if the rest of the room is sober. Frame your artwork using high-gloss or matte black, wood, or metals. Incorporate sculptural items in bold colours if you want to pop them out.

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Use metal, stone or glass-top side tables. Only remember not to clutter the room with too many accent elements. Keep them few and spaced out well.

5. Furnishings

Use interesting patterns or self-patterns in your fabric furnishings. But stay away from too many loud prints and colours. In a neutral room, use patterned cushions, striped window drapes, or a patterned rug – but keep it all limited to neutral shades. Also leave out fancy and heavy fringes and tassels from sofa covers, chairs, and curtains.

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12 tips to design your living room 15

6. Wall Treatments

Pick wall colours of any hue, but balance out with neutral or subtler shades in a contemporary living room. Use wallpaper to take it up a notch – just like this room below.

7. Lighting

Use recessed lighting, cove lighting, and spotlights to good effect, especially to highlight the artwork. Mount coloured or metallic wall scones. An elegant floor lamp or a chandelier would also work very well.

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8. Flooring

Use wood, tile or vinyl flooring in the living room. Use patterned tiles thoughtfully – pick striped or geometric print carpets if the rest of your living room is neutral or monochromatic.

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9. Colours

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What are the new colours for living rooms? When you think of contemporary, do beige, grey and black come to your mind? You’re right, but it’s no longer that “black and white”.

There are several other trending colours such as navy blue, champagne, olive green, deep red, blush, charcoal, mango, ochre, hunter green, and earthy hues like burnt orange.

You could add these as a pop of colour on a neutral base, or use any of these as the dominant colour. Or use these as bold accessories on a neutral base. Also, if you had stayed away from the bold use of black, you needn’t any longer.

10. Textures and Materials

Decorate with a mix of textures. Use plenty of natural materials. For upholstery use natural fibres such as wool, cotton, linen, silk, and jute.

11. Contemporary Living Room Plants

In contemporary rooms, use plants with large leaves to good effect, rather than many small plants. Place them in monochrome planters or natural fibre baskets.

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12. Personal style

Here’s the most important element in contemporary styling – tell your story through your home! Include your heirloom items and memorabilia – but refrain from displaying everything that you’ve collected.

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Even in contemporary beach-themed living rooms, showcase just a few collectables from your beach trips.

Now that you have a ton of ideas to work on, you can easily make your living room a contemporary-style one. Reach out to our experts to put your contemporary living room ideas to life.